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Welcome to PestMaster.ie

We are fully licensed trained and qualified pest control officers based in Dublin and are here to help you with your pest problems.

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What we Do

Firstly we carry out an on site inspection of your home or business and the surrounding areas to identify the type of pest and extent of infestation you are dealing with. We also advise you with the options to suit the situation and cure the problem asap with effective fast treatments.

We understand that having a pest problem in your property may have a stigma attached and can cause upset in the property, for this reason our vehicles are discreet so we do not attract any unwanted attention to the issue.
Having unwanted pests can accrue in any property and is vital to ensure it is dealt with as soon as possible as they can cause serious damage to plumbing, electrics and timber work. They also carry and transmit a number of serious diseases, parasites and infections.

Our goal and priority is to deal with the problem as quickly and cost effective as possible from start to finish. We will also provide advise for pest proofing solutions to ensure the problem will not re accrue.


PestMaster.ie are here to help with any pest-problems you might have. We work with companies big and small as well as individual homes.


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